5 Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance Prices in Long Beach, NY

Searching for lower priced Long Beach car insurance can appear to be rather difficult for beginners to comparing and buying car insurance on the internet. Since there are so many companies, how are drivers able to be able to compare every possible option in order to find the best available rates?

Consumers need to shop coverage around before your policy renews due to the fact that insurance prices tend to go up over time. Even if you think you had the lowest rates last year you may be paying too much now. There is a lot of wrong information about car insurance on the web, but in just a couple of minutes you can learn a lot of great tips on how to slash your car insurance rates.

The majority of larger companies such as State Farm, Geico and Progressive provide insurance quotes from their websites. Doing online quotes is fairly straightforward as you just type in the coverages you want into a form. When the form is submitted, the company’s rating system obtains your driving and credit reports and quotes a price based on these and other factors.

This makes it easy to compare insurance prices but the time required to go to many different websites and fill out multiple forms gets old quite quickly. But it’s absolutely necessary to compare as many rates as possible if you want to find the best price possible.

The smarter way to locate the lowest prices requires only one form to obtain quotes from a bunch of companies at once. It saves time, requires less work, and makes rate comparisons much simpler. As soon as the form is sent, it is quoted and you can choose your choice of the returned quotes.

If you find a better price you can click and sign and purchase coverage. This process takes 15 minutes at the most and could lower your rates considerably.

To find out what other companies charge, simply click here to open in new window and complete the simple form. To compare your current rates, we recommend that you enter the coverages as shown on your current policy. Doing this guarantees you will be getting rate quotes using the same coverage and limits.

Find discounts to get cheap New York car insurance rates

Companies that sell car insurance don’t always advertise every discount very well, so the next list breaks down some of the best known and also the more inconspicuous car insurance savings. If you don’t get every credit you deserve, you are just wasting money.

  • Lower Rates for Military – Having an actively deployed family member could be rewarded with lower premium rates.
  • Multiple Vehicles – Purchasing coverage when you have all your vehicles with the same car insurance company can get a discount for every vehicle.
  • Discount for New Cars – Insuring a vehicle that is new can save up to 30% since new vehicles have better safety ratings.
  • Multiple Policy Discount – If you can combine your home and auto policy and insure them both with the same insurance company you will save at least 10% off all policies.
  • Anti-lock Brake Discount – Cars and trucks with ABS braking systems or traction control are safer to drive and the ABS can save up to 10%.
  • Low Mileage Discounts – Driving less could earn cheaper prices.
  • Senior Discount – If you’re over the age of 55, you can get a slight reduction on a .
  • Good Driver Discount – Drivers who don’t get into accidents can get discounts for up to 45% lower rates compared to accident prone drivers.

Please keep in mind that most discounts do not apply the the whole policy. Most only apply to the cost of specific coverages such as medical payments or collision. Even though it appears you could get a free car insurance policy, you’re out of luck.save money image

Larger car insurance companies and some of their more popular discounts are detailed below.

  • Geico offers discounts including military active duty, defensive driver, driver training, anti-lock brakes, federal employee, emergency military deployment, and air bags.
  • SAFECO includes discounts for safe driver, teen safe driver, multi-car, accident prevention training, homeowner, anti-lock brakes, and bundle discounts.
  • State Farm discounts include Drive Safe & Save, accident-free, anti-theft, multiple autos, passive restraint, and driver’s education.
  • MetLife may offer discounts for accident-free, claim-free, multi-policy, defensive driver, good driver, good student
  • 21st Century policyholders can earn discounts including driver training, student driver, teen driver, early bird, theft prevention, good student, and anti-lock brakes.
  • Progressive offers premium reductions for homeowner, online signing, multi-vehicle, good student, and online quote discount.

Before you buy a policy, ask each insurance company to apply every possible discount. Savings might not be available to policyholders in Long Beach. If you would like to see a list of companies that have a full spectrum of discounts in New York, follow this link.

Learn how to lower your car insurance costs

A large part of saving on car insurance is knowing some of the things that come into play when calculating your premiums. When you know what positively or negatively positively or negatively impacts your premiums, this allows you to make good choices that may result in better car insurance rates. Lots of factors are part of the equation when pricing auto insurance. A few of the factors are predictable such as traffic violations, but some are not as apparent like your continuous coverage and annual miles driven.

The list below includes a few of the things used by companies to determine rates.

  • Buy as much liability protection as you can afford – Liability insurance kicks in when you are determined to be liable for causing damage or personal injury in an accident. Your liability coverage provides for a legal defense to attempt to prove you were not liable. This coverage is relatively inexpensive compared to other policy coverages, so buy as much as you can afford.
  • Pay more by driving carelessly – A bad driving record has a big impact on rates. Getting just one ticket could increase your next policy renewal by as much as twenty percent. Careful drivers get better prices than bad drivers. Drivers with license-revoking citations such as DUI or reckless driving may need to prove financial responsibility with their state’s licensing department in order to legally drive.
  • Married people drive safer – Being married may earn you lower rates when shopping for car insurance. Marriage demonstrates that you tend to be more financially stable and statistics prove being married results in fewer claims.
  • Extra policy coverages can add up – There are a ton of optional add-on coverages that sound like a good idea at the time when buying car insurance. Coverages like personal injury protection, accident forgiveness, and motor club memberships are examples of these. The coverages may be enticing initially, but now you might not need them so remove them and pocket the money.
  • Do you work long hours in a stressful employer? – Careers like doctorspolice officers and emergency personnel have higher premiums than the average policyholder because of intense work situations and incredibly demanding work hours. Other careers such as farmers, students and performers pay the least.
  • High coverage deductibles reduce rates – Insurance for physical damage, also known as collision and other-than-collision, insures against damage to your car. Examples of some claims that would be covered are running into the backend of another car, hitting a deer, and burglary. Comp and collision deductibles state the amount of money the insured will be required to pay if you file a covered claim. The larger the amount you pay before a claim is paid (deductible), the less your company will charge you for insurance.
  • Commute or pleasure use – The more you drive your car annually the higher the price you pay to insure it. Many insurance companies rate vehicles based on how the vehicle is used. Autos that do not get driven very much cost less to insure than those that get driven frequently. Double check that your car insurance declarations sheet is showing how each vehicle is driven, because improper ratings can cost you money.
  • Mature drivers pay less – Teenage drivers in New York are statistically proven to be inattentive when at the wheel of a vehicle and because of this, their car insurance rates are much higher. More experienced drivers are viewed as being more responsible, file fewer claims and are safer drivers.

The car insurance bait and switch

Big name companies like State Farm, Geico and Progressive regularly use ads on TV and radio. All the companies seem to make the promise that you can save if you change your car insurance coverage to their company. How is it possible that every company can cost less than your current company?

Car insurance companies quote their cheapest rates for the driver that will not have excessive claims. For instance, a profitable insured could possibly be over the age of 50, owns their home, and drives a lower-performance vehicle. A customer that hits that “sweet spot” will most likely get cheap auto insurance rates and will probably save quite a bit of money when switching.

People who do not fit the requirements will be charged higher premiums which results in the customer not purchasing. If you listen closely, the ads state “drivers that switch” not “all people who quote” save that much money. This is how companies can truthfully make those claims.

This really emphasizes why you really should quotes from several different companies. It is impossible to guess which company will fit you best based on your risk profile.

You can find cheaper coverage

Consumers change insurance companies for a number of reasons such as high rates after DUI convictions, delays in responding to claim requests, poor customer service and high prices. Regardless of your reason for switching companies, choosing a new insurance company is pretty simple and you could end up saving a buck or two.

save money concept

Some car insurance companies do not provide price quotes online regional carriers work with local independent agencies. Lower-priced car insurance is available on the web and from local insurance agents, and you should be comparing both to get a complete price analysis.

As you , make sure you don’t sacrifice coverage to reduce premiums. There are too many instances where an insured dropped full coverage and found out when filing a claim that it was a big error on their part. Your goal should be to buy enough coverage at the best possible price but still have enough coverage for asset protection.

Much more information about car insurance in New York can be found on the located here. Visitors are able to find out industry alerts, view a list of available companies, read enforcement actions against agents and companies, and find a variety of consumer forms.

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